Property Law and Private Construction Law


Property law and private construction law cover the purchase and sale of land, including the buildings on or still to be built on the land, and the letting of this land. We provide you with advice on drafting purchase agreements,  contracts with property developers, general contractor and subcontractor agreements, contracts for work and services, contracts with architects and engineers, and lease agreements. We also support you during contract negotiations. In relation to exercising rights arising from the contracts, we represent you extrajudicially and in legal proceedings.

In the area of contract law for work and services, we conduct independent proceedings for the taking of evidence and can, for example, draw on an extensive network of experts in the field of renewable energies, especially in relation to the construction and operation of biogas plants.

Residential property law covers the legal relationships of flat owners in a flat owners’ association. We advise and represent flat owners’ associations and their administrators, among other things, in concluding maintenance and repair contracts and in conducting owners’ meetings.